Meet Kasi

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Its overlooked by some but I think it's great to know at least a little about the person who's capturing your moments.

First thing, I'm a momma to two handsome boys and a wife to my very best friend. My passion for photography started in high school. I first learned about film and started my journey the old school way. My business was created on the idea of wanting to take photos of my baby boy all day long. I love that for moms because I was there too! Shortly after realizing that this was something I wanted to pursue, in 2012 my business was born. Right in the small town of Jacksonville, NC, where I lived for 7 years. I relocated back home to the beautiful Nature Coast of Florida in 2015. My photography journey for 10 years now has consisted of photographing smiles, laughs, tears, and true heartfelt moments with people from all over! It’s kept this passion of mine going for my clients. All the people I have met is something I treasure. Because all we have are memories of moments passed. Moments to be cherished forever. And a single photo can bring that moment, that memory back to life! That's why I love photography so much and that is where my business name came about. Because I heart moments.

the little things

The beach soothes my soul.

Sunsets & golden hour are my thing.

Huge old trees always catch my eye.

Im a coffee addict.

FRIENDS obsessed.

You likely see me in a hat.

I’m a plant lady.

My dog Coco is my third child.

I am the youngest of 6.

Big Gator fan. GO GATORS!